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Contact-Free Menus

According to studies, restaurant and bar menus have a bacteria count that can exceed 1,184,000 per square inch, surpassing the surface of a public toilet seat (typically fewer than 1,000 bacteria per square inch). This statistic alone is reason enough for restaurants and bars to offer a digital contact-free menu.

A digital menu is a contact-free menu, an alternative to traditional paper menus. Diners are able to access and view a digitized version of your menus through their personal mobile device, never touching a physical menu.

Why Digital Menus?

Health and safety is your main focus for keeping customers and employees safe during this pandemic. Reduce the chances of virus transmission by offering a digital menu.

Digital menus are clean, safe and appreciated by customers.

Menus are suddenly easy to manage and dynamic.

Specials can be added quickly.

Out of stock items removed.

There are considerable cost savings when compared to traditional paper menus.

Put QR codes on table toppers, hostess stand, doors, windows, bar tops, etc.

Your QR code does not need to be replaced to update your menu.

Menu updates can be implemented "same day".

Reduce cleaning and sanitizing procedures.

Customize Your QR Code

We can customize your QR code, even include your business name or logo. Here are some examples:

Sample One
Sample Two
Sample Three
Sample Four

How Much?

Less than you might expect and certainly much less than you are spending on traditional menus! We have a one time charge for setup and a very affordable hosting fee that includes menu updates.

Contact us for a customized quote based on your store's needs. We can have you contact-free the same day!


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